LGBT Month

This month is LGBT month; LGBT means “Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender”. The party list LADLAD is fighting for LGBT rights. I don’t blame them because there is still a huge discrimination with LGBT.

I was raised as a Catholic and studied from elementary, high school and college. When I was young the public use to ridicule the gays and lesbians. Most gays I know back then are mostly beauticians now it’s completely different, LGBT are doctors, congressmen, teachers and other professions; “they” are more liberated, respected and accepted in our society. But still there still parts of the world that they don’t accept gays or lesbians, here in the UAE it is more tolerable rather than Saudi Arabia which they condemned the so called “third sex”. When I was a teenager and in my 20’s I use to stereotype gays and lesbians but through the years I have realized that LGBT are just normal as we are, in fact we should not marginalize them as a group but part of our society.

I have realized that a LGBT is a choice and not a sickness like “other” people use to say. The Roman Catholic Church does not condemned LGBT persons but rather the actions they do for me is a sin. There is a big difference between being a LGBT and having sex with the same sex, however one LGBT activist would say, “That’s why we are LGBT because we are attracted with the same sex”.

I have summarized some questions and if your answers are mostly “No” then you may ask yourself if you truly accept LGBT in our society. (Assuming that the LGBT person is only an acquaintance and a friend of a friend)

  1. Can you trust a LGBT person with your children?
  2. Can you trust a LGBT person with your money?
  3. Do you have a LGBT person friend?
  4. Is it ok that your kids have LGBT friends?
  5. Can you accept if you’re “Mayor, Senator, Congressman, Boss” is a LGBT?

For me what an LGBT person really wants is simple… RESPECT

As Confucius said…

Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?



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2 responses to “LGBT Month

  1. englishin ka, Kiko? hihi, nosebleed ako, patatawarin… 😉 ganyan ba when you take a stand, napapa-english, haha. ^^

    Q1. wala akong anak pero siguro naman, kung meron, bakit hindi kung kakilala ko namang mapagkakatiwalaan ‘yong tao.
    Q2. hindi ko sure. karamihan ng na-encounter kong gays, medyo alanganin pagdating sa pera kasi alinman sa maraming sinusustentuhan e, mahilig sa gimik. pero, baka stereotype na impression ko lang ‘to. ngayon, hindi ko sila napagkikita pero dati, oo. kung ilan din sila. okey silang kaibigan at nakakatakot makaaway, haha.
    Q4. wala nga akong kids, haha. kung magkakaroon pa, siguro okey lang basta makikilala at makikilatis ko naman ‘yong mga batang kakaibiganin.
    Q5. oo, kung maayos naman nyang nagagampanan ang trabaho nya, ba’t hindi? btw, ilan ang kakilala kong lgbt na politiko, di lang hayagan, haha. basta ayos sa trabaho at di inuuna ang pagliliwaliw, bakit hindi? saka, hindi alanganin sa stands sa issues, okey lang.

    survey ba ‘to, Kiko? kailan ka pa naging liberal-minded, ha? biro lang… 😉

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