Top 10 Tips in Driving in the UAE

Since Ana Banana’s hubby got his new drivers licence, this will be a sort of follow-up feature after you get your precious drivers licence here in the UAE. I been driving in this dessert land since 2007 almost 5 years driving here and must say have only 1 accident in which I was bump by a backing pick-up but I’ve been driving since I was 16 years old and I’m in my late 30’s so you do the math how long I’ve been driving. But driving here in the UAE and in the Philippines is a different story, here if your driving at 60 Kph you will get in trouble with everybody else, unlike in my town in Pampanga, travelling 60 Kph is already speeding.

Driving in the UAE I have learned a lot of defensive driving that I want to share.


Top 10 Tips in Driving in the UAE

  1.  Always be in good condition to drive – this is my number one tip because most accident are caused by human error, late night parties, less sleep will cause you poor reflexes and will affect your driving. Make sure your not sleepy or upset when your driving, specially if your driving for long distance (30 mins and up). This includes drunk driving.
  2. Be patient – road range will not help you to keep away from accident and trouble, let the tailgater pass through. I know that it’s really annoying that a huge 4×4 tailgating you and flashing his headlights, keep it cool and slowly change lane.
  3. Always maintain your car in good condition – the breaks, tires and steering wheel are the most important parts of your car to be always look into it. Speed is common in UAE roads, like I said 100 Kph is normal driving and sudden stop will always happens so be prepare have your car breaks in tip top form.
  4. Don’t answer your mobile phone while driving – unlike in my town in the Philippines I can easily answer my mobile while driving, but here in the UAE not only it’s a traffic violation, vehicles here are fast moving, a single mistake can end up in a big accident, a Bluetooth headset will do fine.
  5. Always check you’re left, right and rear mirrors – there are a lot of “action star” type of drivers here in the UAE and some of them will change lane just like your watching a police car chase from a movie.
  6.  Always look at the blind spot before changing lanes – if you don’t know your blind spot, better check it in the internet.
  7. Know the camera-speed-radars – knowledge if power, some areas here in the UAE has special radars just to keep us safe. Example: in Dubai, cameras in Jumeirah road (max speep 70 Kph), in Abu Dhabi, Khaleej Alrabi road after Al Falah signal, there is a nasty camera there (max speed 70 Kph), road going to Abu Dhabi Airport (max speed 60 Kph)
  8. Do not drive 5pm to 6pm on Ramadan days – If your from the Middle East you know what I’m talking, don’t get me wrong I don’t blame Ramadan or fasting, it’s the person who handle this situation that really will make things worst.
  9. Always know what road to use – if you are going for a long distance drive or going to a congested area, knowing the ins and outs and alternative roads here in the UAE will help you a lot, specially Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
  10. Follow traffic rules and regulation – the most important and my last tip, you will never go wrong by following traffic rules.


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4 responses to “Top 10 Tips in Driving in the UAE

  1. Thanks Kiko for the mentioned. Your Driving tips are very useful especially here in UAE.

  2. viah

    il be having mg road testin dubai on 30 im quiet scared hope to get it. Thanks for some piece of advice. Driving license here is like a master’s degree 🙂

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