I have watched the controversial knock out of Mayweather VS Ortiz and as a boxing fan and as a person I have concluded that Floyd Mayweather is one bad ass-mother fucker!

I don’t usually say bad things to people and I don’t really care if they have done bad things to other people, but what bothers me is the fact that he is still proud and defending his ass on the TV and bullshit is coming out from his mouth.

Now I know why Manny Paquiao is loved and respected by million of fans than ugly face Floyd.

Sports is all about winning but in a right way, I don’t like dirty players, when I was a PBA fan I dislike the playing style of Jaworski and Distrito but I don’t hate the guys because outside the court they are well behave gentleman, unlike this asshole Floyd, whether in the ring or outside the ring, from trash talk to being arrogant, this is what sportsmanship is? I pity him for being a fool.

Napa ingles ako dito para mabasa ng hinayupak na gayweather na yan at kanyang mga fans na uguk din.

Panoorin nyo na lang ang video mga katoto


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