Faith or Expression

We know that the Catholic Church is against the RH bill for which I have taken a side to be pro RH bill as expressed from my previous post. The church has been a big influence in our lives and this is a good thing for the Filipinos, without the church we would have a weak faith and with weak faith we would collapse from all the trials we have received as a country and as a Filipino. Just look what happen from the past there was natural calamity from decades ago of Mount Pinatubo and mount Mayon, the landslides, the cheating on elections, the corruption of government officials not mentioning the past president, without the church we would be crushed by now because without the church we will have a very weak faith. In the case of the RH bill was different, this is between freedom of choice and dictated choice.


Now the issue of the controversial   “KULO” Exhibit which was done by artist Mideo Cruz, the church called this blasphemy the artist wants to speak of this as a reflection of the Filipino’s to “idolatry and neo-deities”. In my opinion the artist has the right idea, people sometimes have extreme venerate religious images but then again who are we to judge, this is an expression of faith and we can express our faith the way we want but make sure that nobody will be offended. That’s what happen to Mideo Cruz, his expression offended some religious group, yes he has the right of expression but he forgot that these are religious images and need to be respected.


On a personal note, I’m in favour of removing this disrespectful so called “art work”, I wonder if Mideo Cruz will not mind to use his love ones photos and ridicule them in an “art’ exhibit, just imagine to use the photo of  Mideo’s  mother attached with a topless sexy porn star and the reason for this is to  express on how women perceive in our society.  Do you think Mr. Mideo Cruz will not be offended?


The good side:


The good thing about this fiasco is we still have our values and there are still people who have the passion to fight for our values. The check and balance in the society is working and this is a healthy in our society. I hope someday the corrupt politicians will be more noticed and will be persecuted to end our poverty.


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